Mongol Derby

Mongol Derby


FastFabrics, again proud sponsor of the Mongol Derby; the longest, toughest horse race in the world!


The Mongol Derby is a 1000 km endurance race over the Mongolian steppe, along the Genghis Khan's legendary empire postal system. With riders riding semi-wild Mongolian horses, changing horses every 40km, and living with herders or camping under the stars. To stand a chance of winning one must balance survival skills and horsemanship and have a high level of determination.


This year, 40 enthusiastic riders compete against each other for the Derby title. FastFabrics supports all these riders during the race by providing tailor-made seatsavers for the saddles. This provides the riders with the necessary comfort along the huge distance they have to complete. Previous editions of the Mongol Derby have shown that riders suffer from lesions all over their bums and upper legs due to the extreme impact and strain. With 1000 kilometers and up to 13 hours of riding each day, their bum endures around 720.000 impacts on the saddle! No skin is made to resist that.


The FastFabrics seatsaver is shock-absorbing, reduces impacts and it evenly distributes pressure on the saddle without getting warm or sweaty. Moreover, it prevents injuries and helps the rider focus on their fantastic experience and on winning the race!


Keep an eye on our website for updates and pictures. The Derby starts in August, and the ride will last no longer than ten days! Also, take a look at for more info on this amazing race.