Meet the team

FastFabrics is a collaboration between Mariena Hofwegen and Aafke Kauffman, both graduated at the Delft University of Technology.


During her studies, Mariena gained a lot of experience in medical design and ergonomics, doing research on the prevention of decubitus (skin lesions created by pressure marks) after serious trauma. In 2008 Aafke developed a new, innovative horse saddle that contains a unique adjustable system that shapes to the horse’s back. Always providing an even pressure distribution, and preventing injuries, muscle and skin damage.


“After our studies, we managed to combine our knowledge on product design with our biggest passion; horseriding. Extensive research during our graduation convinced us that the use of innovative materials and smart design solutions regarding pressure reduction can be of great benefit to the equestrian sport.By now, we have realized that it is not only the equestrian sport that can benefit from our products, but that our solutions can be beneficial for all sports in which long term pressure and friction can lead to problems and discomfort.”


We hope that our products will be an eye-opener for you too, and that they will make you enjoy the ride even more!


team aafke team mariena
Aafke - Morocco 2012 Mariena - Mongolia 2015