FastFabrics makes use of technical fabrics and functional textiles from various industries, such as the outdoor- and medical sector.


One of the fabrics used in our products is called Air Mesh, a 3D woven fabric made out of millions of synthetic fibers. The open structure of the fabric ensures optimal air ventilation, wicks away moisture instead of absorbing it and keeps the contact surface always cool and dry, even under extreme circumstances. After a downpour or heavy perspiration, the material is quickly dry again. In addition, it has the following characteristics:



What makes Air Mesh stand out among other materials is its unique pressure distributing quality. Long term strain and pressure on skin- and muscle tissue can quickly lead to discomfort or injuries.  Friction, pressure, moisture and heath are main factors in the formation of pressure- and friction marks, which can even lead to open skin lesions. In our search for existing products that would prevent these kinds of injuries we found no adequate solution. Memory foam and gel provide sufficient pressure distribution, however heat and moisture will build up between the contact surface and the skin. Air Mesh on the other hand has an open structure with woven filaments creating a layer of air. It provides a similar amount of pressure distribution but without retaining heat and moisture. This makes it the ideal material for the most demanding sports activities.


Air Mesh is very durable and longwearing, even when used under extreme conditions. Interested to know how to best take care of our products? Go to product maintenance.