Team Riders

Fast believes it is of great importance to test our products extensively under various circumstances. We search for the most demanding branches of equestrian sports in order to put our products to the ultimate test!

Our Team Riders excel in what they do and have the knowledge and skills to help us create the products that are just right! Besides, their attitude and ideas match with FastFabrics perfectly: top priority to the wellbeing of the horse, working together with your horse towards a goal, mobility and action instead of stagnation and routine. With pride, we present to you our Team Riders!

  • Donna Oudshoorn

    Donna Oudshoorn has practiced the equestrian sports in various disciplines, such as dressage, jumping, eventing and endurance. At the moment she focuses mainly on endurance. Donna is a certified ORUN instructor, but she is best known for her results in the endurance sport. She starts in the highest classification (120 - 160 km) and represented the Dutch national team twice during the World Cup in Malaysia and Great Britain. She and her horses can be found on almost any endurance competition (national and international), with and without her pupils who also ride in various classifications such as the “youth next endurance generation” group.

    Because Donna demands a lot of her horses it is extremely important that the materials she uses are optimal. They have to be an addition to the horse instead of a hindrance. Because the FastFabrics saddle pads, leg protectors ánd seatsavers have been developed and tested under the extreme conditions of endurance competitions, they fulfil her needs seamlessly.

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  • Richard Robbemond

    Richard Robbemond started his horse riding career in the seventies and has build up a lot of experience in equestrian sports over the years. Dressage has always been the basis, but very soon he became successful in jumping competitions as well. At the moment, he brings out 2 horses in jumping classifications M and Z, and with great success! Besides competitions, Richard finds the time for schooling and training young horses. Something he does on a regular basis and enjoys doing. In his trainings, he always keeps a focus on being a ‘happy horse’.

    “Besides the horses, having the right people around you and using good materials are essential for being successful. Over the years a horse changes because of growth and training. Keeping an even pressure distribution underneath the saddle is really important. The No Pressure pads and Halfpad of FastFabrics support me in achieving this and keeping a good fit of the saddle at all times. In the jumping discipline, the impact underneath the saddle is substantial, and this product will keep our horses ‘ happy’.”

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  • Saskia Gerritsen

    Saskia Gerritsen is a driven TREC and dressage rider who seamlessly combines these two disciplines. She has competed in both disciplines with impressive results, while making a lasting impression with her natural way of riding. She has a noteworthy view on the way a horse should be schooled and ridden:

    “For me and my horse Kai it is all about working as a team and having fun. At the moment we ride dressage, TREC and cross. Kai is a Quarab gelding that I schooled in a very versatile way. He is smart and likes to have variation in training. I think this is a healthy thing for a horse! Our goal is to be happy athletes and to function as a team for a very long time. That is why my demands in training and in the quality of products I use is very high. It allows us to focus on the FUN part! The products of FastFabrics fit to our needs perfectly.”

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  • Wendy Bouwense

    Wendy Bouwense gives demonstrations and clinics in Natural Horsemanship all around the country together with her Appaloosa Spetter. She can be found on various events and competitions and forms a unique team with her horse. Versatility is their specialty!

    “How beautiful is it to be one with your horse….. To let nothing stop you and follow your dreams? That’s what I do every day!

    My horse is my partner in crime. Together we practice many equestrian disciplines; from dressage to jumping, TREC, eventing and western.We also give clinics and shows, mostly in Natural horsemanship. The versatility in sports, in our training and in my horse corresponds with the products made by FastFabrics. This is why their products match our philosophy!”

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  • Talitha Bakker

    Since 1997, Talitha Bakker works on the breeding of Purebred Arabian horses. With the products from her own stud, Arabian Stud Europe, she wins many shows all over Europe, South America and the Middle East. Showpiece of her breeding farm is the approved stallion Jazmeen (Essteem x Jasmyne). Talitha rides this 15 years old black pearl in eventing as well as endurance competitions.

    “This year, we started riding Jazz with the pads from FastFabrics, and the results are fantastic. The pressure distribution is great and the back stays nice and dry underneath the saddle. We are proud to be part of their team!”

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