No Sweat Sports Pad

Article number: NSS001

Color: Black

Model: Endurance, all purpose

Material: Air Mesh

Size: Available in the sizes Pony and Full

Dimensions Pony: 49 cm (height) x 62cm (width)

Dimensions Full: 52cm (height) x 65cm (width)

Availability: In stock


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Product Description

The NO SWEAT Pad is a real must-have for everybody who loves a good work-out with his horse! This extremely ventilating saddle pad is made of Air Mesh, 16 mm thick and suitable for every all-round disciplines from dressage to jumping. The pads are pressure dividing and highly ventilating. They can be used for an hour of hard dressage, but they are also perfect for the most taxing branches of equestrianism, such as eventing or endurance. The pads actively wick away heat and perspiration. The cut-away shape at the front ensures freedom around the wither, whilst the pre-formed back seam provides stable placement and free movement of the spine.

The pads are made of Air Mesh, a unique 3D woven textile with pressure dividing, ventilating properties that will reduce the chance of pressure marks and other injuries. The millions of upstanding fibers have a shock absorbing effect and adapt ergonomically to the horse’s back. This supports a perfect saddle fit, even when the horse’s muscularity changes due to intensive training. The pads create an air layer between saddle and horseback. This will prevent the accumulation of sweat and heath under the saddle, resulting in a always cool and dry horseback.

The NO SWEAT pad consists of:
- 1 layer High Density Mesh; for optimal pressure distribution underneath the saddle
- 1 layer Soft Mesh; for extra comfort, optimal ventilation and moist transfer

The NO SWEAT Pad is available in 3 different models:
The square BASIC Pad for dressage and all purpose, the saddle shaped SPORTS Pad for long distance and outdoor riding and the HALF Pad for extra pressure distribution underneath each and every saddle.

All our pads are hygienic, antibacterial, machine washable at 30° and unlike regular saddle pads, dry within no time. Don’t feel like doing laundry? Just hose it down!
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